Covered Slip History

No.1 Covered Slip is the oldest remaining covered slipway in the world.

Built in 1763 the slip was 250 years old in 2013. The roof was added in 1814.

The slipway is 53m (173′) long and the roof is supported by a double line of 23 trussed wooden pillars. At the north end, the roof is apsidal in order to accommodate the bowsprits of ships.

Although the slipway was re-laid in 1914 it has undergone comparatively few alterations and is still used as was originally intended. It is now a Scheduled Ancient Monument (the same listing as Stonehenge).

Quite incredibly Will Stirling has a family connection to the slip; In 1798 his great, great, great, great grandmother, Eliza Barlow, launched Nelson’s flagship, the Foudroyant (80 guns) on this very slipway. Her husband, Admiral Sir Robert Barlow, was an Admiral in Nelson’s navy and their daughter, Hilare, married Nelson’s brother, William Nelson.