10′ Sailing Dinghy

Stirling and Son are the leading builders of traditional clinker dinghies.

Built of mahogany on oak they come with a pair of leathered spoon oars, a pair of bronze rowlocks, a brass ringbolt in stem and sternpost, a brass keelband and brass bilge rubbing bands, mahogany capping rails and fitted sole boards. The standard finish is an oiled interior, with gloss varnish topsides, capping, gunwhales, thwarts and knees, a gold inlaid cove line and carved scroll work and paint below the waterline.

Our range of sailing dinghies carry a balanced lug rig and are £1,850 per foot ex vat. They are built to the above specification and include a brass centreplate, bronze blocks, a brass horse, a sail of clipper canvas and three strand buff polyester rope.